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2018/06/28 00:00:00

About Us

In the winter of 2016, we set out on a mission to transform the trading industry. Our goal is to become a leading beacon in the new Internet of Money world, using blockchain technology to create a fair distribution of risk. After months of research, meetings, development and legal work, we are proud to introduce the LucidExchange trading platform.

Lucid’s mission is to offer a blockchain-based, open source protocol that will power-up frictionless trading platforms in the US and around the globe. A true peer-to-peer trading protocol, embedded with a full suite of risk-assessment mechanisms  – a trader-focused alternative to today’s highly centralized capital market systems.

The Lucid protocol creates unique distributed ledgers for each asset traded in the Lucid ecosystem. It converts the terms of each trade into self-executing smart contracts which automatically maintain risk and margin requirements.

Lucid traders will enjoy full transparency, full wallet control, immutable ledger protection, asset-backed tokens, instantaneous settlements, and the ability to swap assets within the Lucid ecosystem frictionlessly and at minimal transaction costs.

TradeX (TRD), Lucid’s native token powers the trading platform ecosystem and provide individuals with the ability to trade in a wide range of asset-backed tokens.


Problems with Traditional Exchangers

LucidExchange Benefits

Cost Savings

Say goodbye to high trading fees – LucidExchange charges minimal transaction fees.

Tight Bid/Ask Spreads

Our proprietary software creates tight bid/ask spreads through our P2P matching algorithms. Lock in your price and don’t subject your trade to slippage.


Understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Our blockchain ledger is immutable and is entirely transparent to investors and regulators.

No Size Requirements

Purchase an option on a fraction of a share! In our marketplace, you are not constrained to purchase a whole number of shares in lots of 50s or 100s.


LucidExchange will be the first blockchain derivatives exchange to operate legally in the United States. This ensures our traders that the marketplace is compliant with all regulations and that their money is in safe hands.


The LucidExchange platform is built using elite security principles that match or exceed that of most financial institutions. Traders always keep full-control of their wallets and the assets they purchased.

Follow Updates On Upcoming Token Sale

Our Team

Ephi Zlotnitsky


Ephi Zlotnitsky is a serial entrepreneur and a leader in the SaaS space, where he co-founded iControl Systems USA, a financial technology software company that provides innovative data synchronization solutions to the FMCG supply chain and processes over $1 Billion USD in payments.

Kevin Day


Head of Relationship Management, Business and Product Development – Dubai Gold Commodities Exchange (DGCX) , Chief Operating Officer – DUBAI Professional Trading Group DMCC, Thought leader for establishing the regulatory framework

Rohit Tandon

Chief Blockchain Officer

Rohit has been on the leading edge of data with product management and solution delivery over the last 20 years.

Prof. Gideon Samid

Chief Scientist

As a highly experienced versatile technology veteran, impressed by the road so far, awed by the road ahead, I innovate prime-randomness products: durable digital cash — legacy friendly, nanotechnology leveraged; build new concept security products based on the principle that however smart your adversary, well-applied randomness amounts to David’s sling defeating the Goliath threat.

Sean Zlotnitsky


Sean Zlotnitsky co-founded Current Companies LLC which became the largest distributor of newspapers, magazines and novelty products in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, and the nation’s 2nd largest periodicals’ distributor, servicing 32 states.

Prof. Houman B. Shadab

Senior Legal Advisor

A prolific and influential expert in law, business, and technology, Houman is a professor at New York Law School and cofounder of Clause.io as well as a director of the open source legal technology consortium, the Accord Project.

Michael Gord

Marketing Strategy

Michael holds a degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from McGill University, where he founded the McGill Students Fintech Association. Michael is the Founder and Managing Partner of Bitcoin Canada.

Michael Horowitz

Capital Advisor

Michael is the founder and General Partner of Chaintech Digital, a global merchant bank actively investing in blockchain based digital assets and providing strategic advisory to Pre-ICO projects.

Alexei Silverman J.D.

Head of Compliance

Alexei M. Silverman graduated Harvard Law School in 1996, Cum Laude. After a judicial clerkship for Judge Suzanne B. Conlon on the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Alexei moved to the Washington, D.C. area.

Alex Nascimento

Blockchain Advisor

Alex Nascimento, MA, MBA holds a position of Chief Strategist at 7MarketingMedia and is a board member of UCLA Business and Management Executive Education Program Marketing and Advertising Advisory Board.

Nimord Lehavi

Crypto Community Advisor

Hacker, maker, bookworm, geek, serial entrepreneur. Simplex founder Nimrod Lehavi’s career spans two decades of expertise and knowledge. He’s well-respected in Israel’s startup scene for his proven capabilities at leading large-scale top-notch software projects.

John Patrick Mullin

Head of Outreach – Asia

John Mullin holds a Master’s of Science (Management) from the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft in Germany and a Master’s of Technology Economics and Management from Tonji University in Shanghai.

Vishwajeet Singh

Beta Development Lead

Vishwajeet graduated from the University College of Engineering at Osmania University with a Masters in Computer Science in 2007. Upon graduating, Vishwajeet worked in the IT department of TCS, Asia’s largest global software services company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I receive my TRD tokens?

Your TRD tokens will be issued to you immediately upon the execution of the smart contract of your purchase.

2. What is TRD?

TRD is a  crypto token that will enable its owner to buy and sell asset-backed tokens in the LucidExchange marketplace.

3. What can I use my TRD for?

TRD can be used to take a trade position in the marketplace, pay our minimal transaction fees, post margin if an investor has elected to lever his/her portfolio and pay financing fees on leverage.

4. What is “LucidWallet?”

“LucidWallet” is a blockchain wallet that allows users to create blockchain smart-contracts that will be used to buy, sell, manage and hold cryptocurrencies and cryptonised assets. The wallet is available to download free of charge at www.lucidexchange.io/wallet

5. How do I claim my Lucid' Trades profits?

When you close your trade position, your trade profits will be showing instantaneously in your wallet, and be denominated in TRD. You can exit the exchange, and convert your TRDs back to a fiat currency, or continue to your next trade

6. What determines the price of a TRD coin?

After the Token Sale, the TRD will be available to purchase through Cryptotokens Exchanges. Its price will be subject to market supply and demand forces

7. What is the total supply of TRD coins?

The total circulating supply is one hundred (100) million TRD coins.

8. Can I buy more coins after the ETS (Early Token Sales)?

Yes. TRD will be available to purchase on cryptocurrencies exchanges.

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